Take part in the Biggest Brush Event of 2023!

CIBRUSH is a trade show with a meteoric history. The first brush trade event was organised as recently as 2016, coincidentally, the turned out to be the last year in which the late lamented Interbrush took place. It was originally planned to be held every two years and the second event took place in 2018 with the third planned for 2020. Sad to say as we all know Covid19 delayed the third event which is now planned for mid September 2023. 
The show has been held at two venues Shanghai and Shenzhen. This year’s exhibition will take place at the truly spectacular Shenzhen World Exhibition centre. Facilities of Shenzhen World include 19 exhibition halls and 1 outdoor exhibition space: 16 typical halls, 2 specialty halls and a mega exhibition hall. South plaza at the south entrance of the venue serves for outdoor exhibitions.
In 2018 CIBRUSH featured over 200 exhibitors and 8,000 visitors 30% from overseas;70% from Mainland China, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan. The show occupied around 20,000 square metres.

CIBRUSH2023 will take place from September.13 to September15,2023. The theme is “Brush Making is Getting Smarter”
For readers familiar with Interbrush there are similarities and differences. The main difference is that finished goods as well as materials, machinery and semi finished products are allowed. 
The organisers say that the exhibition content will include:
Technology, Equipment and Accessories:
Fully automatic brush making machines, 
Tufting machines, 
Auxiliary equipment (Trimming machine, Filament end-rounding machine, Flagging machine, Labeling packaging machine and etc.), 
Paint brush/roller brush processing equipment, Twist wire machine, 
Mop processing equipment, 
Packaging machines, Cutting machines, 
Mane blending machines, 
Wooden handle processing equipment, 
Filament extrusion equipment, Injection molding machine, 
Automation solutions, Accessories/Consumables, 
and Many other items.
Raw Materials
Polymer filaments, Natural filaments, Metal filaments, Raw materials, Additives and Others.
Semi-finished Products & Finished Products
Industrial brush, Commercial cleaning, Coating tools, Household brush, Oral care, Cosmetic brush, Brushes for special industries, Paintbrush, Chinese writing brush and many others.
Contract Services 
Professional Media/Business Associations/Scientific Research Institutions/Government

China International Brush Making Industry Exhibition (CIBRUSH) is organized by China Sundry Articles Industry Association and Beijing HJT International Exhibition Co., Ltd.,and undertaken by HJT Exhibition (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. It is a national professional exhibition of brush industry and the largest brush industry exhibition in the world. CIBRUSH is held in Shanghai and Shenzhen, based in China and serving the global brush industry. With the 3rd China Brush Making Industry International Forum
After the COVID-19 pandemic, the global brush industry is facing new changes. Looking at China, from the time when it was forced to suspend production due to the epidemic, to the time when China's brush industry chain has resumed supplying to the global market, it is clear that new opportunities have been ushered in under the new circumstances. Looking at the world, COVID-19 and the new international political and economic pattern, anti-globalization has become a new factor of uncertainty, and the global supply chain is facing new challenges and opportunities.
This forum will focus on the theme of "New Changes, New Opportunities", analyze the industry development trend in the near future, focus on product innovation and technological progress, and provide the most valuable thinking for China's brush industry to better serve the global market.

China Sundry Articles Industry Association and Beijing HJT International Exhibition Co., Ltd.
This forum will focus on the following topics: 
> Challenges and opportunities for the global brush industry after the COVID-19 pandemic
> Development and innovation of brush making technology
> Innovation & sustainable development of filaments

Pre-Connecting is a customized service for professional visitors to match technologies, solutions, and procurement needs before the exhibition. Pre-Connecting can not only quickly meet the needs of exhibitors and visitors across time and space, but also improve the quality and efficiency of face-to-face trust building between the two parties at the exhibition site, creating more opportunities.

F2F Connecting
F2F Connecting is a high-value face-to-face meeting between exhibitors and visitors which will be matched and scheduled before the show openning. We help the customers to promote new partnerships and potential business opportunities,and ensure the efficient and professional participation for both exhibitors and visitors.

Shenzhen World Exhibition & Convention Center
The Shenzhen World Exhibition & Convention Center (Shenzhen World for short) is a major project invested by the Shenzhen Municipal Government and jointly constructed by China Merchants Shekou and Overseas Chinese Town for operation. It marks a mega exhibition and convention complex integrating exhibitions, conferences, events (games and performances, etc), catering and commerce.

Website: https://www.shenzhen-world.com/en

Raw Space: USD300/Square metre
Standard Booth: USD 350/Square metre
The price excludes 6% VAT

Please contact the organisers for sponsorship opportunities

Tel+86 10 58677998
E-Mail: yifan.zhang@hjtexpo.com
Web: https://cibrush.com/en/

About Shenzhen
The Shenzhen municipality was established in 1979 and became the first special economic zone in 1980. In just 40 years, Shenzhen Special Economic Zone has emerged as a window to China's reform and opening up, with remarkable progress on all fronts, exhibiting its charm, dynamism, motivation and innovation in every way. On August 9th, 2019, the decision of the State Council on Supporting Shenzhen to build a leading demonstration zone of Socialism with Chinese Characteristics was issued, which has given Shenzhen a new historic mission to built itself into a demonstration zone of outstanding character.
In 2020, Shenzhen's total GDP hit a record-breaking level of 2.6 trillion RMB, with a year-on-year increase of 3.1%, ranking first among the four first-tier cities in China. Compared with the level of the end of 1979, Shenzhen’s GDP soared by over 14,000 times and its growth speed topped the list of cities in China. The export and import value added up to 3.05 trillion RMB showing a year-on-year growth of 2.4%. The export value increased by 1.5% to 1.7 trillion RMB while the import value grew by 3.6% to arrive at 1.35 trillion RMB.
In November 2020, after the General Office of the Central Commission for Guiding Cultural and Ethical Progress had announced the sixth List of National Civilized Cities and reviewed the previous five lists of cities that retained this honorary title, Shenzhen was awarded the title for six consecutive years and recognized for its high ranking in the review result. The title of National Civilized City is one of the most widely recognized and difficult award to earn, which requires comprehensive appraisal processes and reflects the city’s overall level of sophistication.

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SAVE THE DATE for World Brush Expo: May 22-24, 2024

Brought to you by ABMA and FEIBP

Hosted by Bologna Fiere, Bologna, Italy

THE Industry Show for and by the Brush Industry

The American Brush Manufacturers Association (ABMA) and the European Brushware Federation (FEIBP) are excited to announce the creation of a new show for the industry: World Brush Expo, which will take place 22-24 May 2024 in Bologna Fiere, Bologna Italy.

Donna Frendt, ABMA Executive Director says, “We have been working on this show since it became apparent at the ABMA meeting last March that Interbrush in Freiburg was untenable. Shortly after the completion of the ABMA convention, ABMA reached out to FEIBP to see if there was interest in putting on an industry show, by and for the industry.”

Since that time, a joint task force from the two associations has been working together to determine a pathway to create and hold an industry show. Fons Ceelaert, FEIBP Managing Director stated, “The process to come together has been very good for both associations and we look forward to partnering with ABMA to make World Brush Expo THE show for the industry.”

The task force invited Daniel Strowitzki of FWTM (the owners of Interbrush) to make a presentation to continue the show in Freiburg and to submit a proposal for Salzburg, Austria. The task force and ABMA/FEIBP wish to thank Daniel Strowitzki, FWTM, and the Messe in Freiburg for 45 years of partnership and for the outstanding InterBrossa/Interbrush shows. In addition to the proposals from Freiburg and Salzburg the task force entertained proposals from Bologna, Modena, and Parma Italy. Eventually Bologna was selected as the host venue for 2024.

Greg Miller, ABMA President said, “I am very excited to see a new industry show arise from the ashes. It has been since 2016 that the entire industry has been able to get together and I think I speak for everyone when I say that this will be a great event for the industry and I can’t wait for 2024!”

Andrew McIlroy added, “The Bologna venue is world class and Bologna is a fascinating city and will appeal to attendees from all over the world. In addition, their infrastructure is excellent for our show; attendees and exhibitors alike will enjoy the variety of hotel accommodations and the easy logistics of the Bologna site.”

The Bologna Fiere Exhibition Centre (https://www.bolognafiere.it/en/venues/bologna/) covers 375,000 square meters of indoor and external areas. Its exhibition services area covers 36,000 square meters. The venue has 20 halls which are fully wired, air-conditioned and equipped with state-of-the-art IT systems. Multiple events can be held simultaneously thanks to 5 separate entrances. Flexibility and mobility are ensured by a network of walkways and by a system of carparks for a total of 14,500 covered parking spaces. Vehicle owners can reserve their space in advance. BolognaFiere is the first exhibition center with its own motorway tollbooth, that provides direct entrance to the venue. A “BolognaFiere” railway station handles special trains for exhibitions with a large number of visitors. A heliport is located on the roof of halls 16-18.

Bologna Italy is one of Italy’s great and historic cities. It has a major airport (BLQ) and supports over 13,000 hotel rooms in the city. The exhibition center is near the city center making for convenient logistics.

Bologna is home to the oldest university in Europe and has many nearby attractions for attendees and visitors alike.

We look forward to welcoming you to the first edition of World Brush Expo in Bologna, May 22-24, 2024. Watch for exhibitor registration info coming soon, and please visit our website for more information as it develops.


Interbrush  trade fair to be discontiued after 45 years ABMA/FEIBP Announce New International Brush Industry Trade Show

Messe Freiburg: Interbrush trade fair to be discontinued after 45 years


Freiburg Wirtschaft Touristik und Messe GmbH & Co. KG (FWTM) will not continue the Interbrush trade show at Messe Freiburg after around 45 years, meaning there will be no more Interbrush in Freiburg as early as 2024. After Zahoransky AG, based in Baden-Württemberg and the world's largest and leading exhibitor, changed its corporate orientation last year and announced that it would no longer participate in Interbrush for this reason, an intensive dialog was initiated with the ABMA and FEIBP associations and other leading exhibitors. The FWTM presented various concept ideas for a new content orientation under its own organization, including possible new locations in German-speaking countries. In particular, leading Italian and Belgian companies focused the discussion on the Freiburg location and questioned this location due to its proximity to Zahoransky AG.


IIn further discussions, the companies as well as the two associations American Brush Manufacturers Association (ABMA) and European Brushware Federation (FEIBP) demanded a rolling system with alternating European locations, for example in Italy and Benelux, combined with the condition that in the future the lead should no longer lie with FWTM/Messe Freiburg, starting with a location in Italy. After considering all the points discussed, the FWTM has decided not to continue the format Interbrush in the future – a venue in a non-Germanspeaking country every four years is neither expedient nor feasible for the FWTM for logistical and economic reasons - the lack of support from leading associations for a proposed new location by the FWTM is also a signal from the industry against the FWTM/Messe Freiburg.


The FWTM also believes that holding on to Interbrush 2024 without the support of the associations and leading companies is neither justifiable in terms of content nor economically for all those involved in this industry. "We very much regret this development and the decision of the associations and a few, but in terms of external impact very important exhibitors. In our opinion, values and competencies such as experience, quality, industry knowledge and also the partnership that has existed for over four decades were not included in the evaluation and result determination - but which are an essential pillar of the event", says FWTM Managing Director Daniel Strowitzki. "We wish the entire industry, of which we were able to be a part for many years, all the best for the future and thank everyone who has accompanied the Interbrush format over many decades."


About Interbrush: Originally founded as Interbrossa, the internationally oriented trade fair Interbrush has been organized by FWTM at the Messe Freiburg since 1977, every four years since 1980. In 2024, the world's leading trade fair for machinery, materials and accessories for the brush, paintbrush, paint roller and mopin-dustry would have entered its 13th edition. Most recently, in 2016, more than 7,500 professionals from around 90 nations came and were able to see for themselves the latest developments in the international industrial two-way trade from 200 exhibitors on around 21,500 square meters of exhibition space.

Interbrush 2016

Interbrush 2012

ABMA/FEIBP Announce New International Brush Industry Trade Show


ABMA/FEIBP Announce New International Brush Industry Trade Show

The American Brush Manufacturers Association (ABMA) and the European Brushware Federation (FEIBP) are working together to create a joint association-owned and coordinated exhibition trade show for the international brush community. Key leaders in the industry agree that an international show is vital to the integrity and growth of the industry and serves to benefit the entire brush community.

The World Brush Expo will be launched in the spring of 2024 — a show for the industry, by the industry. Planning is currently underway with target destinations in Italy under consideration. Additional details including show dates and location are being finalized and will be released as soon as they are available. Visit www.worldbrushexpo.com for updates.


About ABMA
The American Brush Manufacturers Association (ABMA) was founded in 1917 to assist North American Brush Manufacturers and their suppliers by enhancing industry knowledge, providing a variety of networking opportunities, and promoting sustainability for its members. For more information visit abma.org.

The European Brushware Federation (FEIBP) is the representative EU trade federation in the field of the brushware industry, a traditional but very innovative sub-sector, providing an impressive variety of brush products, both for professional and consumer markets. For more information visit eurobrush.com.


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