Ditch the Jingles for Ibiza's Beats!

FEIBP Press Release on Ibiza Congress [2023-12-20]


Hey there, Brush Lovers!

Let's switch things up with the pulsating beats of Ibiza's legendary EDM scene!


The Heartbeat of Ibiza: EDM

Ibiza and electronic dance music are like brush and canvas – inseparable and perfectly harmonious. This island has been the global capital of EDM, hosting the world's top DJs and unforgettable beach parties. To get you in the groove, we've curated some electrifying playlists:


What's on the Agenda? 

Our Congress Program is shaping up excitingly! Here's a little teaser: on Thursday night, prepare yourself for an exclusive DJ Session – Ibiza style! ? More program details will be unveiled starting January 2024 but in the meantime enjoy the attached pdf!


Don't Miss Out!

The 64th CONGRESS FEIBP is the place to be next year, and we're ticking down the months! Make sure you've got your spot secured:



Christmas Planning? Think Ibiza! 

This Christmas, why not give yourself the gift of anticipation? Book your congress spot and stay in Ibiza. Imagine: while you're enjoying the festive vibes now, you could also be looking forward to some sun, sea, and sensational sounds!


Season's Greetings 

As we jingle all the way through this festive season, we wish all our FEIBP friends and brush aficionados, along with their families, a Merry Christmas! May your holidays be filled with joy, peace, and perhaps a bit of Ibiza's spirited energy in anticipation of our 2024 adventure!


Warm holiday wishes,


Alessandro Acquaderni

President, FEIBP


P.S. Stay tuned for our next newsletter – we'll be taking another dive into Ibiza's cultural scene!



Fantastic FEIBP Social night at the Titanic Museum Belfast September 2023 

Fantastic FEIBP Social night at the Titanic Museum Belfast. 




FEIBP Prague September 2022

Gala Evening Photographs (Click to enlarge image)

River Cruise - Czech Night (Click to enlarge image)

Brush Forum (Click to Enlarge)

FEIBP Leipzig

Visit to Porsche Leibzig An indication of what an SUV can do! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DTCyHvSaZvs



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